About us

Calima is a public company listed on the ASX (ASX:CE1). The principal activity of Calima is investing in oil and gas exploration and production projects internationally.


Calima’s business strategy is classically counter-cyclical, designed to take advantage of momentum returning to the oil and gas sector after the savage downturn in global oil and gas prices that started in 2014.


Board & Senior Management

The Calima Board and Senior Management comprise a highly successful and experienced team with a history of generating shareholder value.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Since sustainable success depends on a healthy, motivated workforce, we are committed to complying with or exceeding international Health, Safety & Environment and Social Responsibility standards wherever we operate.


Corporate Governance

Calima is committed to achieving best practice in corporate governance commensurate with the Company’s size, its operations and the industry within which it participates.

Calima Energy

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

We are focussed on finding and developing new projects