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Calima Energy Ltd is an ASX listed public company focused on international oil and gas projects. Calima’s business strategy is classically counter-cyclical designed to take advantage of momentum returning to the oil and gas sector after the recent downturn in global oil and gas prices.

Calima proposes to take advantage of the currently dislocated oil and gas market to acquire projects where investment in geoscience can add disproportionate value in the short to medium term.

Calima continues to evaluate new opportunities and investments across the sector.

The Montney

“The super liquids-rich window of the Montney in British Columbia will emerge as one of the top plays in Western Canada and perhaps in North America”

BMO Capital Markets Research Note

The Lower Triassic Montney Formation of Alberta and British Columbia (BC) has been the target of oil and gas exploration since the 1950s.  Until recently most of the investment was directed towards conventional sandstone and dolostone reservoirs however there is also a considerable thickness of siltstone, saturated with oil and gas, which cannot be developed using conventional technology.

With recent advances in horizontal drilling, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and completion design it has become possible to develop these siltstones and as a consequence the Montney has become the most active oil and gas play in Canada and one of the most attractive plays in North America.

According to the National Energy Board of Canada (2013) the siltstones of the Montney Formation are expected to contain 449 Tcf of marketable natural gas, 14,521 million barrels of marketable Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), and 1,125 million barrels of marketable oil.

One of the most notable features of the Montney is its vertical thickness, which exceeds 300 m in some places in BC. Most producers have at least 200 m of exploitable vertical pay, presenting the opportunity for commercial development to involve several layers of wells which improves the productivity of each well pad. It is also notable that the interval being developed is a reservoir with natural porosity (average 6%) rather than a shale which results in enhanced productivity per well. The characteristics of the Montney siltstone are well suited to fracking resulting in exceptional fracture stability.

Calima has used a proprietary geological work-flow to identify and capture a significant land position within the super liquids rich window of the Montney play in British Columbia where the presence of a significant proportion of natural gas liquids and oil results in improved economics.

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